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Oracle OpenWorld 2010 provided a series of significant announcements. We'll briefly highlight a few of them here as a further update to the 4th Edition of the book and our subsequent blogs.
This blog takes a quick look at the capabilities in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 that can enable database consolidation to take place on the Sun Oracle Database Machine.
Last month Oracle announced the Sun Oracle Database Machine, sometimes referenced by Oracle as Exadata V2. At OpenWorld in October, the new Sun Oracle Database Machine was front and center with live demos outside the main keynote area and frequent mention in keynotes and breakout sessions. This blog entry summarizes what is the same and what is different between Exadata V1 (the HP Oracle Database Machine first introduced at OpenWorld 2008), and Exadata V2, the new Sun Oracle Database Machine.
As the Oracle Essentials: Oracle Database 11g book was published just as Oracle Database 11g Release 1 became generally available, this blog entry will provide you with some quick highlights of a selected number of the new features and capabilities that are in Release 2 and not covered in the book.
Since the publishing of the 4th Edition of "Oracle Essentials", Oracle has continued to evolve the business capabilities and sources supported by what are referred to in the book as the former Siebel Analytics applications.
Much has been written over the past several years about a growing disconnect between senior business management and IT in many organizations and companies. IT organization budgets grew when the economy was growing, so finding funding for new projects was sometimes difficult but always possible by adjusting priorities. Today, without business justification, such new projects are all but impossible.
Shortly after the initial release of the HP Oracle Database Machine and the Exadata Storage Server, this blog described the new products. As organizations tested the hardware / software solution and more details have emerged on how it is delivered,...
You, no doubt, try to incorporate best practices when engaging in database projects. This week, I developed a lengthy list of worst practices in vendor evaluations, purchasing, development, deployment, management, and other areas. Many of these "worst practices" are found in all kinds of database projects.
Oracle highlighted a number of new database features and related topics at OpenWorld 2008. This entry provides just a quick description of some of the topics you might want to explore further. The big news item of the week was...
When discussing Oracle performance challenges with DBAs and consultants over a period of years, a common trend became evident (especially in data warehousing). A lot of time was spent in figuring out where indexing might apply and where other database...

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