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XML standards and technologies do not provide an adequate layer for coping with dialects.
I think Almunia's speech does not go far enough: it still sees standardization as an escape hatch that a company that finds itself in a market dominating position can use when challenged.
Web programmer Daniel Epstein has a series up on his blog Ursa Dimished, called Simplify with an XML data model: it includes a page on using Schematron for browser-side validation of forms. Daniel is another developer who is frustrated that...
Recent research suggests that the XMRV assay methods are not reliable
The way that people approach developing schemas has evolved over the years: each new approach grows out of problems with the status quo (see Hegelian dialectic) but enriches rather than supplants. I thought I would take a little walk through...
I have for a few years been trying to come up with a good definition of publishing workflows: as an architectural pattern. The two key distinctive features, I think, are that publishing workflows are one-way flows rather than two-way flows...
Two big stories this week: AGIMO's COE and LibreOffice. AGIMO is the Australian Government Information Management Office. They are the ones who set policies such as requiring govt web page meet the W3C's WCAG 2.0 guidelines for accessibility, or that...
If you get some exotic illness, and you know what it is, make sure the Wikipedia entries have good links to credible sites


By Rick Jelliffe
December 8, 2010 | Comments: 3

Is it good, bad or indifferent that JSON is taking over several kinds of data transfers that XML had been used for and in particular does JSON show up XML 1.0's complexity? In short, is it time to overhaul XML? Rather than dissecting corpses of old arguments, I thought I'd figure out what I'd like to see in a re-developed XML. See here is my armchair redesign: New XML which I call Nuke!
You have a large or complex Schematron schema and it produces no errors. How do you know it is working? A coverage report lets you see how many of each Schematron rule was fired when checking the document(s). The report...

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