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O'Reilly is offering a series of videos from internet pioneer Howard Rheingold on how people can determine for themselves whether the information they come across on the web is useful, valid, legitimate, or... just plain crap. Because there's a lot...
Despite what people seem to be saying, I'm really not hating on the iPad. I'm just disappointed that it's not the breakthrough device it could have and should have been. So here's a little fable inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales about why a compromise in between "too big" and "too small" isn't always "just right."
Kindle-killer? Maybe. Larger version of the iPhone? No, not really. Revolutionary game-changer? Are you kidding? Well, it's February 2, Groundhog Day, and this morning Cupertino Carl popped his head out of the ground and saw his shadow—which means another six...
Gmail had a great idea: replacing the limitations of hierarchical folders with the flexibility of labels. Now they are promoting the notion that they've "improved" Gmail by making labels work more like folders. How is that an improvement?
As the "death of the newspaper" gets continuing coverage (mostly on television), new apps bring the New York Times, USA Today, and now The Wall Street Journal, to your iPhone. I have to ask: why do these apps look so much alike? is there a hidden danger that they might be confused with each other? Looking for an alternative to apps provided by these long-lived journalistic institutions, I decided to download the USA Today iPhone app to see if they did things any differently. While I wouldn't want to see the Times or the Journal mimicking USA Today's look-and-feel, they could learn a thing or two from some of the advanced techniques that USA Today employed.
This week, Apple finally announced a long-awaited upgrade to the Mac mini product line. If you're an Apple watcher, you may recall that at MacWorld earlier this year, anticipation was high that Apple would be announcing an update to...
Everyone seemed to be anticipating that a new version of the Mac mini would be announced at the Macworld conference today. But then... nothing.

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