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Since our limerick contest was such a hit last year, we decided to host it again! Today, we're encouraging you to write a limerick that is either tech-themed or that references O'Reilly Media or one (or more) of our books, conferences, or webcasts. Anything goes, so long as it fits the standard form of a limerick and is a PG rating. We'll run the contest until 11:59pm PDT and then randomly pick three winners out of a hat to win a free ebook of your choice.
Looking for new insight into programming? The newest installment in our 97 Things series might just be what you need. I had a chance to ask editor Kevlin Henney a few questions about the book earlier this week so I could understand a little bit more about programming essentials (and why he wrote the book) for myself.
With so many people searching for jobs, it's important to stay up on the newest technologies, or constantly improve in the areas you're already involved in. At O'Reilly, we publish books that help you zoom in on the details of specific programs and languages, so you can stay competitive in your field. Leave a comment with the name of an O'Reilly book that will make you more marketable for a chance to win three ebooks of your choice.
Want to learn the fundamentals of electronics in a fun, hands-on way? Author Charles Platt (@charlesplatt) has created a book in which you will explore all of the key components and essential principles through a series of fascinating experiments. I asked him a few questions about Make: Electronics earlier this week so I could understand a little bit more about electronics (and why he wrote this book) for myself.
Are you looking to take advantage of social media for your business or organization? With easy-to-understand introductions to blogging, forums, opinion and review sites, and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, The Social Media Marketing Book will help you choose the best--and avoid the worst--of the social web's unique marketing opportunities.
In today's networked world, connecting with customers has never been easier. Savvy marketing professionals know that they must engage with individuals directly on the Web, and smart businesses know that their customers can be their best friends--with benefits. Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo cover all of this and more in their new book from No Starch Press, Friends with Benefits: A Social Marketing Handbook.
With the recent release of Windows 7: Up & Running, I asked author and Microsoft MVP Wei-Meng Lee a few questions about his new book, including why his motivation behind writing the book and what this book can do for you.
Have a bookshelf full of O'Reilly books like our Facebook Fans Michael Pelikan and Kay Bieri do? Use it to win more! Take a picture or record a short video of your books and post it on the O'Reilly Media Facebook Page before 5pm PT Thursday, September 17, for a chance to win two ebooks of your choice. Keep checking back -- the number of pictures are growing by the hour!
Nancy Conner, author of the newly released book Living Green: The Missing Manual, has made it her goal to show people just how easy it is to make your everyday lives just a little bit greener. In a recent conversation, we talked about the simple decisions we can all make which make a big difference, as well as some of her favorite tips & tricks from the new book.
With all of the different ways to track your twittering friends, search for interesting tidbits of news, and keep an eye on those "trending topics," it seems like there are new twitter applications popping up every day! Tell us which app is your favorite, and why, for a chance to win an autographed copy of The Twitter Book.

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