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Malcolm Gladwell treats us to another of his counter-intuitive x-rays of the world's workings in this week's New Yorker feature, "How David Beats Goliath." His focus on the difference between batch and real time processing is a key to understanding why many nonprofit and commercial marketing professionals are failing to understand Twitter and other real time media.
I'm looking at the work of a potential non-profit client now. They have a fine website: recently redesigned, it looks good and gives off the air of elegance that they want to project. The client is world-renowned, rich in history and staffed with some fantastically-creative people, yet the website feels more boring than you would think it should. With the rise of the real-time update streams being popularized by Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed, users are becoming accustomed to a constantly-changing flow of pictures, videos and new snippets. Even actively-maintained websites seem locked in languid stupor in comparison.
The big secret about the Google Chrome browser is that it's faster in some tests, slower than other. But guess what? As I wrote in my first review, few of us are going to notice any difference. The best part...

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