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Recently, I became interested in maximizing lookup performance in R. Many problems require looking up values in tables. I decided to perform some tests to show how different lookup mechanisms performed in R. If you're not familiar with R, here's a short description. R is a very popular language (and environment) for working with data. You can download a current version from The R Project web site. R was designed to make it easy to define and manipulate vectors and matrices.
Over the past few decades, statisticians have developed some very sophisticated modeling techniques for finding patterns in data sets. Today, I stumbled on a great analysis of what statistical methods academic bioinformatics researchers use most frequently. It turns out that they rely mostly on simple methods.
Last Monday night, I was watching the Ravens playing the Packers at Green Bay. Mostly, I was watching penalties. This game featured an astounding number of penalty calls: 23 calls, 310 yards. I wondered whether penalties really affect the outcome of football games. Here's what I figured out in 15 minutes, with a little help from R.

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