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After blog posts, open letters, and many comments on the "Apple vs Adobe Flash" affair, here is an extract from an interview with Adobe founders made in November 2008. But still very actual.
OpenBSD 4.5 was released on May 1st. I had the privilege to collect some q&a with multiple developers about new features and improvements included in this release.
WAPBL stands for "Write Ahead Physical Block Logging". WAPBL provides metadata journaling for file systems. In particular, it is used with the fast file system (FFS) to provide rapid file system recovery after a system outage. It also provides better general-use performance over regular FFS through less on-disk metadata updates - these are coalesced in the journal. WAPBL was developed by Wasabi Systems, and recently Wasabi contributed that work back to NetBSD. Wasabi has been using WAPBL in its storage products for about four or five years now.
On June 29, 2007 the Free Software Foundation released the GNU General Public License, version 3. What happened since then? Federico Biancuzzi had the opportunity to discuss many subjects with FSF's founder and president Richard Stallman. This interview explores Stallman's views on a range of topics including the relationship between GNU and Linux, U.S. laws around software patents and the major initiatives of the Free Software movement.
Jedi apprentice Federico Biancuzzi contacted the Council and interviewed 27 Master Developers to talk about how they liberated OpenBSD 4.4 from the Empire. Details on the operation are not completely disclosed yet, but you can already see a picture of the Uniform, of the team Team, and of the elite PuffySet.

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