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Eric Mock provides today's "Chuckle of the Day". How long does it take to install iDVD? Maybe you should go get a few thousand cups of coffee.
Want a quick tip about searching for header files from the command line? Here's a how-to you can use.
A lot of fuss has been made about Apple's public and private frameworks. Did you know that there's actually a public framework that you're not allowed to use? Here are the facts.
If you've been caught up with the controversy about the new DiggBar and its attempt to subvert traffic, here's a quick and simple way to disable it for your Digg account.
Do you find yourself using those self check-out machines more these days? Do you find yourself struggling with already filled bags and no place to put more purchases? Here's a quick secret to better check-out.
Want to pad your Apple Store purchase to get over that magic $50 free shipping threshold? Here's how.

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