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I bought the program Coda by Panic software. It is a pretty cool app, even though it is not my preferred editor. One thing that I love about Panic software is they make beautiful interfaces. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a 'sheet' similar to those found in Coda.
Recently I ran into a problem where I needed to be able to send emails via two different SMTP accounts within the same Rails application. Here's a way to get around this fairly easily using YAML.
Learn to create a custom SOAP request using Ruby and Net::HTTP
Learn how to swap custom views using RubyCocoa in your interface. now offers Git hosting as well as SVN!
Screencast showing how to create a RubyCocoa application which pulls search results from Amazon using their Web API and populates a table.
Learn how to create a tabbed content window using CSS and jQuery from scratch. If you don't know about jQuery yet, let me have the pleasure to introduce you to it. It's a very easy-to-use JavaScript library that offers easy DOM manipulation, effects and a ton more.
Learn how easy it is to stylize a form with CSS versus using table tags.

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