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How can you turn the U.S. SEC eXtensible Business Reporting Language XBRL mandate's requirements into an opportunity when making process improvements to comply? Implement an XBRL-enhanced document management strategy as part of your internal corporate filing workflow which will both boost compliance and save money.
Obama's technology-savvy election team worked very effectively to leverage a new world order of YouTube, social networking, and blogging tools to promote his agenda, connect with a nation of voters, and raise campaign funds. But does he really know what...
Publicly-traded companies spend enormous energies, resources, and dollars to get their financial reports out the door, only to see them pop up on the portal in simplified formats that don't tell the story accurately. So getting the 'canonical' rendering into the hands of the consuming stakeholders is an important aspect of financial report. In the Internet age, it's all about getting the 'eyeballs on the glass' approach - aka what our computer screens show us is what we believe, and enabling the applications we use to consume this content accurately is the key to successful business decisions. The XBRL technical community has addressed this issue in three approaches - presentation linkbases, iXBRL, and rendering linkbases.

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