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Will a mobile browser change the marketplace of wireless surfing? Didn't someone already ask that question three years ago?
About 2 weeks ago, I put in my notice at Internet Broadcasting, setting out for things bigger and better. In the meantime I've been reviewing projects, contacting vendors, and updating documentation. While I've been doing that other administrators are secretly...
Monty Widenius wants his to have his cake, and dual license it, too.
It hasn't been a good week for managed service providers. Everyone knows about the T-Mobile Sidekick fiasco, and a few astute readers are aware of the problems encountered by Air New Zealand. In both these cases, Air New Zealand and T-Mobile relied on outside vendors that provided infrastructure and IT services to handle their business operations. Those vendors (IBM and Microsoft, respectively) had failures that cost their customers millions of dollars in revenue and damaged reputations.
Palm needs software. Songbird needs mainstream music devices. What would you do?
Will Unbreakable Linux be pushed to the sidelines by another open source operating system?
There is one Unix command that most have yet to master.
Citrix XenServer is now free. They were never winning over VMWare users on quality, so now they're shifting focus to price. That may not be a bad idea in this economy, but my suspicion is that Xen was more worried...
Graphing snapshot usage on a Netapp volume.
Despite the Barracuda issues, Seagate is probably one of the better consumer drive vendors out there. I give them credit for offering recovery services to anyone that needs it; although I have the benefit of making that statement without...

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