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Microsoft's Azure design interfere with running multiple MongoDB servers. Map/Reduce works, but not as fast as it should. MongoDB continues to grow in features and popularity.
What I found particularly interesting is their performance monitoring. It offers quite fine-grained reporting.
In different ways, CouchDB and MongoDB are both using replication for some valuable enhancements to their open source products. I'll describe the new feature for each in this blog entry. CouchDB announced an Android app that downloads a CouchDB database to the device, while MongoDB adds auto-sharding and replication sets.
DebConf 2010 was held in New York City. This blog covers several interesting presentations and some general observations about the Debian community.
Masterminds of Programming is a unique book, and I was thrilled yesterday to find out that a bunch of people at Dr. Dobbs' JOLT awards recognized the historic offering it represents.
When Rackspace and NASA announced OpenStack, I thought of it as either a PR or yet another attempt to impose some pet project on the world as a standard. But it may actually a newsworthy intervention into the furiously evolving cloud industry.
Red Hat is openly badgering large, IT-driven organizations to move away from comfortable patterns and to adopt what they believe to be the best virtualization platform, the best cloud API, the best data storage mechanism, and so on.
Mickos responds to such questions as whether private clouds are needed, whether they are too hard to manage, and whether the Amazon API is the best foundation for Eucalyptus.
A special MySQL track at Kaleidoscope, the upcoming Oracle Developer Tools User Group conference, should give MySQL a nice bounce.
At a VMware forum, a sense of expectancy about cloud computing seemed to be expressed more by speakers than by attendees.

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