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Microsoft provided an extensive preview of its upcoming replacement for the aging Windows Mobile platform at the Mobile World Congress convention in Barcelona, Spain today -- and by most accounts, they've come up with a big winner. Not only did Microsoft take the huge, painful step of breaking from the existing Windows Mobile platform completely, they managed to meld the Zune's music and video capabilities, social and business communications, location and mapping services, a brand-new phone interface, and the icing on the cake -- mobile Xbox game play, something that no other phone manufacturer can even come close to at this point -- into a multi-touch-capable powerhouse that fits in your pocket.
Hi. I'm Russell Jones, formerly Executive Editor at It's good to be at O'Reilly where I'll be working to publish developer-focused titles. I'm looking for information about the rapidly name-changing project Astoria, aka ADO.NET Data Services Framework, now WCF Data Services. If you're an expert in this technology, or if you know someone who is, I'd like to start a conversation.

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