The Lean Startup Cycle - Learning

By Kevin Shockey
July 3, 2012 | Comments: 0

BML_Research.pngWithin the Lean Startup methodology, perhaps one of the least appreciated and understood stages is learning. Coupled with ideas, they are the culmination of one iteration and the beginning of the next.

Within these two stages, a project must decide what the data they've collected means, and come up with the ideas and designs that will guide the next complete iteration. One aspect of the learning process is research.

One trait nearly every successful startup shares is endless market research. While innovation accounting covers a broader spectrum, assumptions about your users or community are some of the most important and should be tested early and often.

Luck Is For The Prepared

One of the most challenging aspects of running a startup is staying on top of the constantly changing software development landscape. There is always something new, and as a project leader, you've got to keep your feelers out for momentum shifts in technology.

While search is a researcher's primary tool, we must also manage the research that we collect. For that task I've been using Diigo. I know there are some good folksonomy platforms out there, but with integration on Chrome and Firefox, it has become a key part of my research process.

For the Financing Freedom project, I setup a new group and have been saving bookmarks for several months. If you would like to, you can review some of the resources I've tagged so far. I've shared 72 bookmarks. I'm working on a more formal bibliography for the project, but until I finish that document, this Diigo group is a great place to start. Make that 73, and counting. Enjoy!

The Build Measure Learn illustration is courtesy Eric Ries and The Lean Startup. Thanks Eric!

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