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By Kevin Shockey
July 2, 2012 | Comments: 0

Running a lean startup project requires the coordination of a lot of little pieces. Each little piece, each system, fits together, like wooden studs or metal girders. Together all of the pieces become a structure, what designers call an infra-structure.

96734574_7f7a50b535_b.jpgFrom this exoskeleton of systems, cobbled together, I've put together my "minimum viable product." Like most construction projects, when you're head down cranking on one piece of the structure it's difficult to see your progress. That's why it's useful to pause construction at the completion of a milestone, and take a few steps back to look at the entire project at once.

Without, these inspections, it is more difficult to see where the structure needs the most attention. Fundamentally, that's what innovation accounting is all about. Giving you specific metrics to examine and determine where to focus your attention next.

As a lean startup project manager, I'd prefer to have direct interaction with customers or users, rather than using only metrics. A third-party perspective can often pick-up defects easier. The open source adage "more eyeballs makes all defects shallow" fits almost exactly for all lean startup projects. With enough interaction, you'll learn faster. It stands to reason then, if you're learning faster, you can iterate faster. That's lean startup nirvana...

Lean Startup Toolbox

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I'll share a little about each soon. Right now, I've got to plan my next iteration for Financing Freedom, and pull the trigger on the implementation. I've got a few more surprises to share as well, so stick around, now things are going to get interesting. ∞

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