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By Gene McCullagh
July 21, 2012 | Comments: 0

A lot of great things have been piling up that I want to tell you about. The first is a great app from the folks at TappyTapps called Geotag Photos Pro.

Lightroom 4 has a new Map module which let's you geotag your images. If your camera doesn't capture the GPS data then you need to capture it in some other way. You could buy expensive add ons for your DSLR to track GPS data. Or you could get one of those little GPS trackers you clip to your belt. Either of those, however, are more expensive solutions than Geotag Photos Pro.

This is an app that you run on your iPhone (or Android Phone) that turns it into a GPS Tracker! More likely than not you will have your phone with you. I know I've left that small stand alone tracker home many times but I had my phone with me. But this is more than just an app. There is also a website where you can save your logs as well as review them on maps. The site also has a desktop application to let you tag your images. As a Lightroom 4 user you won't need this but it's good to know it's available.

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The Pro version of the app is only $3.99. You can test drive some of the features with a free Lite version first. The TappyTaps guys are very good at getting back to you if you have any questions.

The app allows for multiple tracks in a log and for different logs. The record button and settings are easily accessible from the main screen.

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Setup is really simple.

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You can tell the app how accurate to be, notify you of lost signals or time zone changes, set up your default email for exporting your tracklogs, and set up your connection back to your account on the site. The really important button is the Setup time on camera button. press this to see the GPS time and date. set your camera to match and your good to go!

Name your log and press record. You can put your phone away and start shooting. The app will take periodic reading based on your settings and log them. It even continues to function when your phone is in sleep mode. When you're done you can upload the log to the site, export it via email, or both! You can even look at your track on a map from the app.

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Once you have a tracklog then you can link up your imported images with the tracklog in Lightroom's Map module. Reverse geocoding will fill in all sorts of location metadata for you. I included the entire workflow in the Map module chapter of my upcoming book.

If you are looking for a reliable and inexpensive way to get into geotagging then Geotag Photos Pro is perfect!

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