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A lot of great things have been piling up that I want to tell you about. The first is a great app from the folks at TappyTapps called Geotag Photos Pro. Lightroom 4 has a new Map module which let's you geotag your images. If your camera doesn't capture the GPS data then you need to capture it in some other way. You could buy expensive add ons for your DSLR to track GPS data. Or you could get one of those little GPS trackers you clip to your belt. Either of those, however, are more expensive solutions than Geotag Photos Pro. This is an app that you run on your iPhone (or Android Phone) that turns it into a GPS Tracker! More likely than not you will have your phone with you. I know I've left that small stand alone tracker home many times but I had my phone with me. But this is more than just an app. There is also a website where you can save your logs as well as review them on maps. The site also has a desktop application to let you tag your images. As a Lightroom 4 user you won't need this but it's good to know it's available.
One trait nearly every successful startup shares is endless market research. While innovation accounting covers a broader spectrum, assumptions about your users or community are some of the most important and should be tested early and often..
Running a lean startup project requires the coordination of a lot of little pieces. Each little piece, each system, fits together, like wooden studs or metal girders. Together all of the pieces become a structure, what designers call an infra-structure.

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