OSCON Business Leadership Day

By Kevin Shockey
June 29, 2012 | Comments: 0

2137729430_11b29f9164_b.jpgOn Tuesday, July 17th I'll be moderating a great line-up of speakers for the first-ever OSCON Day focused entirely on open source leadership. This initiative came from a common perception from the OSCON committee chairs Sarah Novotny and Edd Dumbill.

In my opinion, this effort was long overdue. As I have researched open source for the last 4 months, I think there are areas where stronger leadership can really make a difference. So I'm excited to moderate the day. It should be great!

My tutorial is on Monday, so I think I should have recovered from my class. While I'm glad to help out all day, I'm sad I'll miss the "Publishing for Hackers" track on Tuesday afternoon. How many times does it happen to you that you want to be in two places at one time at OSCON? Every year, right?

Business Leadership Day

The Business Leadership session line-up offers a little bit of leadership for whatever you might need to tweak your projects. I'm especially proud that 4 of 8 presentors are women, that's 50%. Being from Puerto Rico, I'm also very excited about having two speakers from Spanish speaking countries. It'll be nice to chat with them in Spanish in between sessions.

I encourage you to give the Business Leadership track a look. You'll need to have the tutorial pass to attend, and while I hope all of the tutorials are great on Tuesday, if you're bored, please stop by room F 151. Remember, you're always welcome to pick and choose which talks you want to sit through. I think the expression sometimes used around OSCON, is if you don't like what you're hearing in your tutorial or session, you got the privelege to exercise your right to choose (move your feet and find a new seat).

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