Call for Attendee Participation

By Kevin Shockey
June 19, 2012 | Comments: 0

For anyone who has already registered for this year's OSCON, and have selected my tutorial "How to Organize and Fund Free Culture Projects," I cordially invite you to self-identify yourself so we can work together to make the tutorial everything you need it to be.

6136653327_1c58e3f194_o.jpgSpecific Needs

  1. Reviewers or Editors - Anyone who can carefully read the slides I've posted and identify any friction points. Any points or slides that break the flow of information need to be examined. First draft of any type of writing tends to be long. Only through strong editing can a speaker or author whittle down his words into the essential words and no more.
  2. Case Studies - Are any of the attendees currently in the process of organizing or funding a project? What obstacles are you encountering? What is your plan to reach your target audience? What methodology are you using to guide your project?
  3. Researchers - Anyone wishing to gain access to my data. I currently have two databases. The first is the number of academic papers per year on open source or free software. The second is an aggregation of the SourceForge Research Data Archive (SRDA) project hosted at Notre Dame University.
How to Connect

Dig in over on the project's newly completed website, where you'll find out the status of the "How to Organize and Fund Free Culture Projects" tutorial and a multitude of opportunities to become involved. For instance, the first section of the slides are already available over on SlideShare. I'm wrapping up the second section of slides and then I'll be be able to start sharing
more of the key graphs from the tutorial. It's going to be pretty active up until July 16.

What's Next

Just in case you were wondering were this "Tutorial As a Startup" experiment is headed, after the tutorial I'll be compiling all of my research into an report which I intend on publishing using crowd-funding. In essence, a "Tutorial As a Startup" experiment will become a "Book As a Startup" experiment. I'll also be looking for academic paper publication opportunities. Some of the research I've done needs to be formally published.

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