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I've uploaded the slides for my OSCON tutorial "How to Organize and Fund Free Culture Projects." Definitely, the hardest set of slides I've ever had to put together. It combines four months of searching, reading, researching, condensing, simplifying, and writing...
Microsoft and Google moving into the IaaS space is the clearest signal the market has seen that Platform as a Service just isn't ready for the big leagues yet. These moves may even indicate that PaaS isn't the grand future of cloud everyone has been predicting, but instead just a component of a cloud infrastructure. At VMware, however, PaaS is their answer to AWS and the various cloud platforms competing with vCloud. If the world isn't ready for PaaS, then VMware has a huge hole in its cloud strategy because vCloud just doesn't cut it for cloud-scale infrastructure.
I encourage you to give the Business Leadership track a look. You'll need to have the tutorial pass to attend, and while I hope all of the tutorials are great on Tuesday, if you're bored, please stop by room F 151.
All I can say at this point, is that it's hard to get people to engage over the Internet. Anyone claiming that it's easy to get an audience, a community, or project to respond and take action is, extremely lucky.
Look at Pepsi and Coke. Do you think that they are willing to accept a decline in any aspect of their brand? No, they keep pushing, making sure everyone knows what they are drinking. I propose a similar campaign for open source. Let us make sure that users of cloud computing, for example, know what they are using. They are using free and open source software. Google Drive anyone?
You never now when you're an accident or failure aware from disaster. Having a multiple layer backup and recovery strategy is merely standard operating procedure.
In nearly every famous example of project success, it is almost always due to prior preparation. Anyone considering launching a Kickstarter project, remember this: "Nearly every key business indicator of the past must be discarded." Social engagement over the Internet is the only metric that matters. Celebrity and "stardom" is earned, like trust.
For anyone who has already registered for this year's OSCON, and have selected my tutorial "How to Organize and Fund Free Culture Projects," I cordially invite you to self-identify yourself so we can work together to make the tutorial everything you need it to be.
I'm a persistent and often lucky explorer. I benefit from having seen a long line of technology over a long time. While everyone might be caught up in the Internet as the new development platform. I merely see a another...

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