[Kickstarter:Wow!] Oh The Tangled Webs Once Wove: Wovyn Weaves Wireless Web, Untangles Internet of Things

Quite possibly the most tangled titled I've ever chosen. But what it represents is the exact opposite; at least as it relates to those "Things" on the Internet which at present time have had very little opportunity for categorical refinement that more clearly defines their purpose. But that will quickly change.

The introduction of the Wovyn project to the Kickstarter Crowd Funded Universe last night is the reason for the change, something I'll be going into greater detail as to why in a new post scheduled for publication Monday morning, 8am Eastern.

In the mean time I encourage you to stop what you're doing (just as soon as that's possible) and head on over to Kickstarter where Scott Lemon, Wovyn's founder and creator provides a fantastic video introduction into the why and the how of all things Wovyn and how that now opens the door into a brand new Internet filled with Lots and Lots of Wonderful New Things: The Internet of Things.

Point of interest: The release of Wovyn's Kickstarter project last night hit numero uno on hacker news last night. People are excited. Still sitting strong at #14, if not already, soon enough you'll understand why.

And so it begins...

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