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One of the more snarky things you will hear said about NoSQL databases is that they are "write-only" databases or "no query" databases. It is fair to say that NoSQL databases are often challenging to pull data from when you are doing more than fetching values by their keys. The Open Source Dasein Persist object/relational mapping tool helps solve that problem for Java programmers using Riak.
ROSA Labs has forked the Mandriva distribution, creating a distribution that, while still resembling Mandriva 2011 at first glance, actually has gone its own way in many important respects. The first post-Mandriva release, ROSA 2012 Marathon, was officially unveiled last Monday. This is also the first ROSA LTS (long term support) release, offering security and software updates for five years.
Last year, a bunch of really smart people got together at a haunted mansion outside of San Antonio, Texas, to discuss audio trends and mobile technologies. Our group wrote a report describing a Utopian vision of what cloud music might look like.
"Cell Phone Dial Tone" is an oxymoron, like "jumbo shrimp". Dial tones are analog, cell phones are digital. A dial tone signals an open connection to a landline telephone network. A cell phone sends packets of voice data back and forth via wireless network. The technologies don't intersect ... except in the movies
Quite possibly the most tangled titled I've ever chosen. But what it represents is the exact opposite; at least as it relates to those "Things" on the Internet which at present time have had very little opportunity for categorical refinement...
With a new major Windows release just around the corner we are being treated to an onslaught of articles proclaiming the failings of Linux on the desktop. You'd think that such articles wouldn't be necessary if the Linux desktop had indeed failed. One recurring theme is the idea that Linux has terrible hardware support. The premise is always that Linux is impossibly difficult to install and that lots of hardware just doesn't work with Linux.
The keynote speech at MarkLogic World 2012 by Tom Koulopoulos of the Delphi Group was not only interesting and insightful in it's own right but I took from it more than just the messages about 'Big Data' opportunities and the value of innovation. Tom was not just talking about Big Data per se but Linked Data too.

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