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The new Windows 8 Metro desktop, the latest incarnation of Mac OSX, Android, Ubuntu's Unity desktop and GNOME 3, love them or hate them, all came about because of the success of Linux on the desktop.
When Apple released its earnings this week, they announced they sold 35.1 million iPhones in the quarter. Since introducing the iPad in 2010, they have sold 67 million devices. When you stop to think about it, those numbers are just mind boggling and begs the questions are we really using all this computing power to our best advantage?
Slackware 13.37 and SalixOS 13.37, like most current Linux distributions, use the Open Source nouveau driver by default if an NVIDIA graphics chipset is detected. Nouveau works well with most NVIDIA graphics cards and chipsets but by no means all of them. In some cases the hardware detection works as it should but misconfigures X.org. In other cases, particularly older, legacy chipsets and very new chipsets, the hardware simply is unsupported.
What if the game's audio engine kept track of what key was playing, and generated bonus sounds to match? I wanted to demonstrate this approach, and so wrote a game for the Android platform called LandSeaAir that uses the FMOD Interactive Music System to do just that.

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