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Today was a shameful day for the Internet security industry, as researchers disclosed information about numerous vulnerabilities in critical US infrastructure systems produced by five different vendors, demonstrating that they are happy to make the world a riskier place in order to market themselves.
Picture books are a misunderstood art and I want to take you behind the scenes to demystify the process by taking you from idea to print. When you're the creator, writer, and producer of an illustrated book some people think that you can sit down write, draw, revise, and poof! out comes a finished product in a few days or weeks. That's not so, the creative process for picture books and the work involved is substantial, and considerably different from traditional, non-illustrated books. To see exactly how, let's look at the creative process for one of my recent picture books: Pirates Stole My Booty.
Web programmer Daniel Epstein has a series up on his blog Ursa Dimished, called Simplify with an XML data model: it includes a page on using Schematron for browser-side validation of forms. Daniel is another developer who is frustrated that...

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