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So you're having some problems opening your raw files? Don't worry. It happens every now and then. Especially if you have one of those fancy new cameras that just hit the stores yesterday! The problem is that new cameras often bring with them new proprietary raw file formats.
YouTube, GMail and Maps have brilliant tablet-specific implementations that are building the foundation of a similar success for Android tablets. But there is a key application that has fallen short of adding to application-based success for Android: Google+.
Every project has its annoying moments that often are quickly forgotten. So before I forget, I thought I'd make some notes in case this one is useful for someone else. Our FFmpeg-based video compositing engine connects to FMS in order...
The argument for EC2 as a defacto standard is, at some level, the same as it is for any defacto standard: through the EC2 API, you eliminate the need for others to learn some custom API and you can leverage the existing, sizable ecosystem. But there is no such thing as the EC2 API. EC2 is actually many different APIs and adopting the EC2 API as a standard ultimately implies supporting all of those APIs.
The way that people approach developing schemas has evolved over the years: each new approach grows out of problems with the status quo (see Hegelian dialectic) but enriches rather than supplants. I thought I would take a little walk through...
Over the years I've worked on a few moderately complex applications that used Flash Media Server (FMS). Each time I had to create a small component framework so I could manage server-side objects and their resources. In late 2009 I...

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