Adobe: 64-bit Flash Player Later This Year

By Caitlyn Martin
June 9, 2011 | Comments: 11

I received a response from Stefan Offerman of Adobe to my article published Tuesday titled One Year Later: Adobe Abandons 64-bit Linux Again. I'm pleased to report that the lack of a native 64-bit Flash Player does appear to be temporary. The note from Mr. Offerman reads, in part:

I can confirm that Adobe will make 64-bit support in Flash Player "Square" available in a shipping release of Flash Player later this year.
Assuming Adobe successfully delivers on this promise it is good news for the Linux community, for all users of 64-bit operating systems and, of course, for Adobe as well.

In the previous article I wrote about the problematic nature of running a beta from last November with known security vulnerabilities and no updates. Mr. Offerman went further:

Also, since releases on Adobe Labs are pre-releases we don't recommend users installing it on production machines or as their regular browser runtime.
Under the current circumstances that is excellent advice.

I would like to thank Mr. Offerman for taking the time to reach out to to the user community by responding to the article. I look forward to future news and announcements from Adobe regarding their support for Linux.

Having said that, for right now the best option for those who do not want to run 32-bit code on their 64-bit machines remains the FOSS alternatives, gnash and lightspark. I intend to give both a thorough test drive and report back with my results.

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Thanks for the great article and follow-up! I'm glad that Adobe is still on board with 64 bit Linux.


I would describe Adobe's "commitment" to Linux-64bit as cyclical. Once a year or so, they'll claim that they want to support it, release a binary that they'll label beta.. and proceed to ignore it for another year.

It's appeasement, not support in my opinion.

I guess we'll find out as the year progresses. I'll freely admit to being skeptical too.

I wrote an article critical of Adobe and they responded. I had an obligation to share what they said if I wanted to be responsible. In the meanwhile I am sure they won't be thrilled if I am able to write a positive review of FOSS alternatives. We'll see how that works out as well.

Adobe is a bunch of liars. I'll believe in a non-beta release of 64-bit flash when I am running it and not a minute before.

I have no problems with nspluginwrapper in Fedora. I don't understand what people are complaining about.

Let me see if I understand you, Eugene. You don't have a problem in Fedora with nspluginwrapper. That means that nobody else can possibly have a problem. Do I have that right? It doesn't matter what distro they run. It doesn't matter what their browsing habits are. It doesn't matter what the use Flash for. It certainly doesn't matter what hardware they have because that never should make a difference. If Eugene doesn't have a problem then absolutely nobody in the whole wide world has a problem. Do I have that right?

Hey! Maybe we don't need native 64-bit software at all. I mean, maybe if Eugene doesn't need it...

I too run nspluginwrapper without problems - except one. I did this to try and get hardware accelerated 32bit flash with my Nividia card. But it does not work, the acceleration will only function in a full 32bit install. The 64bit beta has never had hardware acceleration as an option and using nspluginwrapper under a 64bit system stops access the the libs required.

I would hope Adobe add hardware acceleration to the 64bit Linux version when they release the next round. The whole computer world has gone 64bit, not just Linux, and one piece of vital software is dragging the chain. I thought that Windows 7 and Mac OSX both embracing 64bit would spur Adobe to pour resources into their 64bit version of flash, but so far not much has happened.

Ubuntu have never offered 64bit flash from their repositories, it is still nspluginwrapper and 32bit flash by default. Debian have the option of the 64bit beta.

My system works OK as it is, but Adobe can make it much better. I await the next version patiently.

Adobe are corporate boreholes. Don’t wanna know if its not gonna make profit!

They don’t want to support Linux, but they couldn’t live without Linux, they use it for free, but do not support it, because its free..

They are untrustworthy, and quite obviously hypocrites.

The beauty of Linux is, someone somewhere will always give us the support we need, and indeed, there is a 64-bit extension more recent than a year ago! ;)

I've been using the beta release since last year. It's good to see other people are concerned about this also. I don't have a major need for flash other than YouTube but I get around that by using XBMC's plugin to play videos. This also fixes the issue I'm having with flash videos having no sound when I'm using my optical out port.

A fully supported release from Adobe would be great though. As much as I love fixing the latest quirks that come from running Linux, sometimes you just want things to work.

It does look like they've updated it:

I wish Mike still posted on though :(

Thanks for the heads up. Considering Adobe's recent statements about Linux when they dropped the AIR client it will be interesting to see if they actually follow through and get Flash Player 11 into a normal, supported state.

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