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Cities are responsible for consuming 66% of the world's energy and producing 70% of the world's emissions; those cities that drive for the most sustainable investment decisions, by adopting solutions and technologies that significantly improve the efficiencies of their transportation, buildings and public services, will be able to best support their growth and mitigate their impacts...
FMOD for Android is like peanut butter and strawberry jam, together for the first time!
One of the people behind the scenes has been Mr. Stark's partner, Diane Franklin, who has served as Logistics and Planning Director for the Helios Project for the past year. Ms. Franklin is retired and has served in this capacity without pay. Her skills allowed the project to better organize and distribute the resources they receive to those who need them.
The note from Mr. Offerman reads, in part: "I can confirm that Adobe will make 64-bit support in Flash Player "Square" available in a shipping release of Flash Player later this year."
In a piece published this morning called Don't Throw Away Your Physical Servers Just Yet, the author, Ken Hess, wrote a piece that ridicules and derides anyone who doesn't virtualize literally all, as in every last one, of their servers. No, I'm not exaggerating.
Once again there are known security vulnerabilities in the now eight month old beta and no patches are available. In addition, the community forum page for discussing Flash Player "Square" has been deleted from the Adobe Labs website. If Adobe is continuing development on a 64-bit version of Flash Player they are not sharing any information with the public at this time. For the time being Adobe has effectively abandoned 64-bit Linux once again.
I have for a few years been trying to come up with a good definition of publishing workflows: as an architectural pattern. The two key distinctive features, I think, are that publishing workflows are one-way flows rather than two-way flows...
I've never seen a perfect REST API. But I have seen some of the most horrible mistakes repeated over and over again by people building heavily consumed APIs. Here's a list of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of REST API design.
By now you've had a chance to wander around the Slideshow module and get familiar with some of the controls we looked at in The Slideshow Module - Part 1: Basic Tour. If you haven't spent much time in this module before, I hope the basic tour was helpful and encouraged you to try things out. Let's finish up our tour of the Slideshow module and then we can talk about a few tips/tricks to make your slideshows snappier. After that we should talk about some issues and concerns with how Lightroom has implemented slideshows and some possible alternatives if you still want more slideshow pizzazz than Lightroom can deliver.
What are the key steps in building a successful interactive eBook? This piece looks at the best practices from the perspective of a recently launched children's eBook called 'Spot the Dot.'

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