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By Gene McCullagh
April 3, 2011

There's something new over at Adobe! A new feedback site has been launched over at photoshop.com! You can get there directly by going to feedback.photoshop.com. It looks to be a great way for users and the Photoshop Family teams to interact and discover new and exciting ideas for future versions of all the Photoshop Family applications. Whether it's Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Camera Raw, and yes, Lightroom, there is a way to not only offer up your ideas and suggestions but also interact and elaborate on them.

This is also a great way to report issues and bugs. Team members and users can talk about them. All this interactivity can only make all of the products better and help Adobe guide development in the direction users want.

Jeff Tranberry of Adobe expands on the plans for the site in his overview post. Here are a few things Jeff had to say:

Will this feedback site replace the current user to user forums?


There are no plans at this time to replace the current user to user forums. The main impetus of this site is to allow users to submit ideas and rank them - something our current forums aren't especially tuned to. If you like what you see here and prefer it to the user to user forums, let us know.

Will this feedback site replace feature request and bug reporting form?

Ideally, yes. For the time being, users may still use the current feature request and bug reporting form.

The advantage of using the feedback site over the form is that customers will have better insight on what requests have been made and will have the opportunity to help rate and rank those requests for future consideration.

So drop in anytime!  If you want to go directly to the Lightroom area (and I know you do!) then click here.

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