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So many cloud pundits are piling on to the misfortunes of Amazon Web Services this week as a response to the massive failures in the AWS Virginia region. If you think this week exposed weakness in the cloud, you don't get it: it was the cloud's shining moment, exposing the strength of cloud computing.
There are quite a few features in Lightroom to help you automate your workflow. In every module you will find things to make your life easier! Well, workflow-wise anyway. Publish Services offer a streamlined way to keep your catalog and remote sites in synch. Develop presets let you quickly apply settings you have honed over time. Publishing a website? The Web Module assists you in putting it all together and even has FTP built in to get your masterpiece up on the web in no time! And so the list goes.
In my discussion of the Whole Cloud, I assumed as fact that a mature cloud computing infrastructure leverages all kinds of clouds. Given the amount of energy put into arguments on the subject, it's obviously not a given to most people. Today, I want to talk about how these different "pieces of cloud" can be integrated together from a decision-making perspective
A few companies are currently well positioned to create a view of cloud computing that encompasses all aspects of cloud from IaaS to SaaS, public cloud and private cloud, internal and external. A mature cloud infrastructure, however, will be made up of all pieces of the cloud puzzle.
I love that a college professor of mine from long ago, Bob Harper, is tackling the tricky issue of how to teach students about the nature of functions in his new Existential Type blog. His post got me thinking about how you'd go about teaching this concept to a learner—specifically, in my case, a C# learner. I've given it a bit of thought, and here's what I've come up with.
Google's unwillingness to release Honeycomb source code has dismayed many. But, looking beyond what is probably a temporary disenchantment with the way Android is opened up through AOSP, we wonder: Is it still to Google's advantage to be so conservative about revealing Android source code and how tightly relationships with manufacturers are controlled?
There's something new over at Adobe! A new feedback site has been launched over at photoshop.com! You can get there directly by going to feedback.photoshop.com. It looks to be a great way for users and the Photoshop Family teams to interact and discover new and exciting ideas for future versions of all the Photoshop Family applications. Whether it's Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Camera Raw, and yes, Lightroom, there is a way to not only offer up your ideas and suggestions but also interact and elaborate on them.
The cloud ecosystem needs a mechanism besides polling that enables monitoring, management, and automation tools to learn about changes in the state of cloud resources. This proposal attempts to define a simple protocol for notifying those tools through a push notifications system rather than polling.

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