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Rob and Lauren over at Photography Concentrate were excited to send me their latest Lightroom tutorial Super Photo Editing Skills for review. I was happy to oblige having seen and reviewed some of their prior offerings. Before we get to the review, however, I have to say that Rob and Lauren are among the nicest people you will meet out there in cyberspace! The About section of their site says it all... We are two professional photographers who think this is the best job in the universe. We like it so much, in fact, that we want to help other people do it, so they can be super happy too.
I look forward to the day when low-latency "music-from-dance" composition tools are available for motion capture systems. For now, the best way to audio interact with Kinect is by using your voice. But I wonder ... does singing to Kinect help or hinder the speech recognition system? Eventually you'll see a new genre of software synthesizer emerge, one that blurs the line between music performance and dance.
I always remember a scene from Saving Private Ryan, in the lull between the action on the beaches and the finale, where US Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) needs to communicate with some German soldiers. Despite not speaking of word of...
Borders and Barnes & Noble used to be great. The #1 and #2 booksellers in the U.S., building out new superstores like they were going to grow forever. Three years ago, a new Borders was built in Olympia. It's...
For those who are looking for an IT position right now one thing the improving economy won't help: the sad state of technical recruiting today.
Apple officially unveiled the iPad 2 today, and I did pretty good on my feature/change predictions. The iPad 2 is indeed thinner (by 33%) and lighter (by 15%) than the iPad 1 with a depth of .34" and weight...

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