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Last year I blogged quite a bit about Apple's iPad. I introduced iPad, explored it's features, and examined a networking problem iPad users were experiencing. Though it was a tongue-in-cheek title of the blog exploring iPad's features, I didn't...
I just want reality to sound a bit more like science fiction ...
Lightroom by its nature helps us be more efficient when working with our images. There are numerous features to speed us along the way when cataloging and processing. Presets, templates, keyword suggestions and so on, cut little bits of time off the tasks at hand. This makes our imaging life a little easier. However, let's not forget that Lightroom doesn't exist in an Operating System vacuum. There are many applications we can leverage to make Lightroom that much more efficient and powerful. We already know this. After all, we can round trip more complicated editing tasks to Photoshop. Many excellent plugins can be installed to fine tune our editing. So let's take a look at another way to enhance our Lightroom efficiency - text replacement utilities.
Highlights of the Book2Camp and Margaret Atwood
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