T'was the Night Before Strata

By Gretchen Giles
December 21, 2010

We at O'Reilly like the pleasure of a small holiday joke as much as the next media company. Publicist Gretchen Giles put a geeky spin on the famous holiday poem "T'was the Night Before Christmas," and the result is below.

T'was the night before Strata and all through O'Reilly,
The staff were all stirring and some even smiley.
The conf team's gift bags were stacked up with care
In hopes of catching an intern's attention so rare.

The writers and editors, tech crew and support
Were busy readying their data reports.
Tim in his 'kerchief was baking the scones
That are always mentioned in hushed media tones.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
That we rushed from our cubes to see what was the matter.
Had the MAKE kids set off rockets again?
Had a CRAFT fire exploded a recycling bin?

The moon on the drear of the new-fallen rain
Obscured a clear view of what we couldn't explain.
But soon to our wondering eyes did appear
An elegant graph featuring eight figures so dear.

And there a math doc clearly still testing in beta
Who we knew in a moment must be St. Data.
More rapid than bit torrents his figures they came,
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:

"Now Perl! Now Ruby! Now Python and Flex!
On Drupal! On Java! On .NET and Linux!"
Up to the rooftop these figures did fly
As though helped by a particularly good API.

We gaped and we gawked and we craned up our necks
To see what St. Data might have for us next.
"See you at Strata!" the good math doc cheered
And suddenly none of this scene appeared weird.

Back to our cubes we trippingly flew,
The interns now roused, the editors subdued.
And Tim in his 'kerchief dabbed homemade jam on a scone
Wondering why magazine writers won't leave his kitchen alone.

Strata 2011

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