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Based on the work I have been doing in cloud computing Europe, Asia/Pacific, and North America, people have been regularly asking me the questions, "How are attitudes towards cloud computing different in Europe?" and "How has cloud adoption differed in Europe from it's adoption in the United States?" In the spirit of attempting to provide some useful insight, I have decided to attempt to write a blog entry and answer those questions as 2010 comes to an end.
Android created and/or coalesced all the major components needed for a wide range of embedded applications - especially those with a visual user interface - under one open platform with hassle-free licensing terms. Android's wide acceptance in mobile handsets means that every system integrator, every peripheral maker, and all other parts of the SoC ecosystem provide Android and/or Linux software support. Android, therefore, is poised to make large inroads in SoC-based systems outside of mobile handsets.
In spite of all the innovation that's happened in the recent years in the cloud, cloud networking remains in the dark ages. I expect that 2011 will prove to be the year of the network in the cloud.

T'was the Night Before Strata

By Gretchen Giles
December 21, 2010 | Comments: 0

We at O'Reilly like the pleasure of a small holiday joke as much as the next media company. That's why we asked publicist Gretchen Giles to put a geeky spin on the famous holiday poem "T'was the Night Before Christmas." Here's the result.
There are so many benefits associated with telework, it's not surprising the Telework Act was signed last week. I guess the real question is why has it taken so long - why has adoption stalled? It's probably due to a combination of technical and culturual issues...
As unimaginable as it is to hold space for the thirty years of unspoken words and unwritten songs, what I truly cannot get away from this week is the rest of John. As great a man as he was, and as truly generous a soul - especially to his fellow musicians - for two men out there, John Lennon wasn't a Beatle - or an icon - he was simply Dad.


By Rick Jelliffe
December 8, 2010 | Comments: 3

Is it good, bad or indifferent that JSON is taking over several kinds of data transfers that XML had been used for and in particular does JSON show up XML 1.0's complexity? In short, is it time to overhaul XML? Rather than dissecting corpses of old arguments, I thought I'd figure out what I'd like to see in a re-developed XML. See here is my armchair redesign: New XML which I call Nuke!

Lightroom has a great feature called Presets. Presets allows you to set up certain parameters and save them. Once saved, the preset can be applied to thousands of images at a time. If built properly, multiple presets can be combined for different effects.

As powerful as presets are there are things they just cannot do. Ah, but Photoshop can help there! You see, Photoshop can also save things for later use. We call these saved sets of steps actions. If you aren't familiar with Photoshop actions here is the briefest of explanations. Whatever you can do in Photoshop (well, almost whatever) you can save in an action. That action can be played back on another image (or thousand images). The steps are dutifully executed as if you were performing them manually.
By now you must be thinking "So what! Actions are in Photoshop and we're talking about Lightroom." True. But Lightroom has a very elegant way of passing images along to Photoshop and then applying an action. Remember that Lightroom's full name is Photoshop Lightroom. The secret lies in Lightroom's Export Actions. So let's take a closer look at how to do this.

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