Beyond Tech: Racing Super Buster Learning Adventures

By William Stanek
November 18, 2010

I wrote the Bugville Critters stories as bedtime stories for my own children. The books are about life, family, friends, and our world and they're meant to instruct and entertain.


My children enjoyed the stories so much they urged me to make the stories available to other children and that's what I set out to do in 2004. Now, over 15 years after I penned the first story, all 28 of the original stories are in print, e and audio (or will be soon). It was a long journey, but one I never lost faith in, even as the years went by.

As I was writing the original stories, I also was writing Bugville Learning Adventures to help my children learn essential skills from ABCs and 123s to math, reading, writing, and beyond. A focus on exuberant fun and making learning joyful is what brought Super Racing Buster, who stars in many of the adventures, to life.


Like many kids, Racing Super Buster is often a reluctant learner. His antics and boisterous interjections are what make the stories so fun. He says things that make kids hoot and holler. Indeed, learning can be fun.

I hope you'll look for these and other Bugville books. Thanks for reading!

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