New Tutorials from George Jardine

By Gene McCullagh
October 24, 2010

Well George Jardine is back with a new set of video tutorials on the Develop module in Lightroom 3!

George was kind enough to let me review the series. I always enjoy his tutorials and this new series is no exception. George presents with an ease and fluidity not found in many other tutorials. He crafts his presentations to make sure that the viewer is both entertained and informed. Don't take my word for it. Go and see for yourself. Click here to view one of the tutorials in its entirety. George covers the features that are new in Lightroom 3 in great detail including sharpening and noise reduction, lens profiles, new raw processing and more.

There are 15 titles in the series:
  1. Develop Module Overview
  2. The Crop Tool
  3. The Basic Panel - White Balance
  4. The Basic Panel - Tone Controls
  5. The Basic Panel - Presence Controls
  6. The Tone Curve Panel
  7. The Hue, Saturation and Luminance Panel
  8. The Black & White Controls and The Split Toning Panel
  9. The Detail Panel - Lightroom's New Sharpening Controls
  10. The Lens Correction Panel
  11. The Effects Panel
  12. The Camera Calibration Panel
  13. Localized Corrections
  14. The Synchronize Command
  15. The Presets, Snapshots and History Panels

This series on the Develop module follows George's previous set of tutorials on the Library module. (Another excellent series!) If you are looking for a great series of tutorials your search is over.

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