LIGHToperatingROOMsystem--Part 2

By Gene McCullagh
October 20, 2010

In LIGHToperatingROOMsystem--Part 1 we looked at the problem of missing files in Lightroom. Now it is time to turn our attention the the issue of missing folders.
It is extremely useful to get acquainted with the Folders section of the Library module. Becoming familiar with these tools will help you solve any number of file and folder issue. It will also make it easier to manipulate the location of your images and folders. This saves time.
It's easier to make changes using your operating system only because you are much more familiar with how to do things there. Take the time to use Lightroom and it will become easier over time. Then you won't have to help Lightroom find things after you've played with them outside.

Picking up where we left off... what if we move folders around? Folders may contain several images so the potential problems for Lightroom can multiply in this case. Using the same example as before we create a new folder called New Parent Folder and using the OS move the folder Group 2 to this new folder.

When we return to Lightroom we find that we've made a mess. Images have missing file icons and now our Group 2 folder has a missing folder icon.

Not to worry! Simply right-click on the missing folder and choose Find Missing Folder...

Locate the folder and click Choose.

Now when we return to Lightroom all is well. The folder has been relocated and all of its images are known again!

You may have noticed that the Folders section shows Group 2 at the same level as Parent Folder. Don't think of it this way. While you can't have this within the operating system, Lightroom is far more flexible and will show you as much or as little as you want about your folders and files. Hence, there is no need to see Group 2's enclosing folder, New Parent Folder. However, if you want to display that you can! Right-click on the Group 2 folder and choose Add Parent Folder...

Lightroom now reflects the same structure as the operating system.

There is much more to cover so it looks like a Part 3 is in order. Next time we'll look at promoting subfolders, fixing folders moved to a different drive and how to move between drives within Lightroom.

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