When and What is "Good Enough"

By Mark Sigal
August 25, 2010

(Excerpt from 'Rabbit and Turtle's Amazing Adventure')

We are at the eleventh hour of building two products in my iOS apps and games company, Unicorn Labs. As a result, I have two inter-related threads running in my head.

One is the axiom that it is more important to focus on doing the "right things" than on having to do everything "perfectly right."

In terms of daily practice, this falls into the bucket of exercising practical intelligence by neither Over-building nor Under-building the runway.

By that, I mean that takeoff, landing and transport vehicle are all synchronized in directed awareness of the above precepts. Sidebar: I am a buddhist at heart.

But, the other thread that is running in my head is a truth that was codified for me one incredible night a couple of months back when the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics in Game Seven of a tough, but ultimately, redemptive NBA Championship Series.

It's the axiom that every player who achieves success early in their careers, such as winning a championship or leading their company to SUCCESS, assumes that winning is how it will always be for them in the road ahead.

But, many a veteran, staring at the final hours of their careers, can tell you that this is a fallacy.

More commonly, injuries, trades, superior competition or other unexpected setbacks lead to unrealized potential, and an unfortunate truth manifests that there was no tomorrow.

Therefore, one should commit to reconciling the paradoxical fuzziness between doing the right things and actually securing the unrealized potential.

That junction is the point of "Good Enough."


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