My Favorite Slogan Explained

By Matt Frye
August 26, 2010 | Comments: 1

Someone asked me recently about mattfrye-isms. If you've ever worked for or with me, you've heard them, and I have a favorite. They asked me why I say it. Is it cool? Is it funny? Well, it can be both, but mostly it's a compact way of saying my work philosophy, especially as a manager.


Let's - My Dad once told me "being a manager means 'do this,' but being a leader means 'let's do this thing together.'" I couldn't agree more. IT is a world where many line managers are still hands-on, at least in terms of making technical decisions, and we need to be prepared to do the things we ask of our employees.

Do - Is there any better way of conveying the concept of action? "To be is to do" - Socrates; "To do is to be" - Sartre; "Do Be Do Be Do" - Sinatra

This - One thing done at a time, and done well. That's my fusion of the Unix philosophy (do one thing well), David Allen's Getting Things Done, and the mattfrye-ism "Stay Focused."

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1 Comment

Hi, Matt. I came across an old article on RedHat Magazine that you wrote ( If you're not the right Matt Frye, I apologize!

My wife works for a non-profit dedicated to providing legal services to low-income citizens. As a developer and open source enthusiast I was curious if you have any advice for setting up a new open source case management system for them. Your article talked about how you rolled your own, based on the MS Access database they already had in place. That's an option, I've done some MySQL setup and write web interfaces (mostly JEE, but a little PHP here and there), but I'm also investigating existing projects. So far I've only found one up-to-date project for this task, CiviCase
( Legal Case Management (LCM) system used to be pretty popular, it seems, but is now defunct (they advise using CiviCRM, in fact).

Any input you could give me would be much appreciated. Feel free email me any time (the gmail address O'Reilly listed for you bounced on me). Thank you!

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