Mobile Bandwidth Report - Shortage & Opportunity

By Kelli Richards
August 3, 2010

If you want to learn how to make money as a result of two new factors impacting the Wireless Internet, there's a terrific new report out that I encourage you to review.

First, compelling research demonstrates that if AT&T's move to usage-sensitive data pricing becomes an industry standard, per-subscriber mobile Internet growth will decline sharply unless bypass and other options materialize. Inside Digital Media's "Mobile Bandwidth Crisis" report identifies such alternatives. Some promise free consumer access and attractive operator profits.

Second, despite abundant publicity most of us do not yet fully appreciate the implications for the Wireless Internet arising from enthusiastic market receptions for the iPad and iPhone-4. Both will stimulate wireless Digital Media consumption as never before. Consequently, subscribers will proactively seek ways to bypass cellular networks for two reasons. One is that some features such as FaceTime video phone calls require WiFi instead of cellular networks. Another is that subscribers will be anxious to avoid cellular metered use charges.

The points noted above will become even more important as their affects proliferate. For example, the success of the iPad and iPhone-4 is feeding demand for similar devices from competitors. Already HTC reports that the demand for certain models of its smartphones exceeds manufacturing capacity. Additionally, the iPad is almost certain to lead competitors to market similar units.

By special agreement The All Access Group has arranged that buyers of the 18-page $395 Mobile Bandwidth Crisis report will get thirty minutes of free telephone consultation with Phil Leigh, the Inside Digital Media analyst.

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