Writing Beyond Tech: Introducing Ripple Reader and Recorded "Bugville" Books

By William Stanek
May 27, 2010

Last fall, all 15 of the original Bugville Critters books were released in a special "e" format for the beta of the Ripple Reader. Just recently, the Ripple team officially launched their Reader. If you are a parent with young children and haven't tried out the Ripple Reader, you are missing out.

Ripple Reader, pictured bellowed, is a full-color e-book reader for children that allows a parent or other adult to record their voice reading of a purchased ebook. The adult can then give the recorded book to a child who can then play back the recorded story while viewing the book in the Reader. Ripple Reader is available as a free download for Windows or Mac (and soon also on the iPad).


As a parent who's been deployed and away from family for long periods while in the military, I would have loved to have something like this so that my children could hear my voice reading a story at bedtime. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and others who are separated from a loved one could also use the reader to stay close while away.
That said, parents and children can record their readings of stories together to get children more involved in reading. In this way, reading and playing a book becomes an interactive activity. And then once a story is recorded, children can listen to it over and over.

Want to give Ripple Reader a try? Here are some Bugville Critters stories to try:

Rush to the Hospital - Buster and his family return from vacation. Buster learns the value of doing what he is told. After all the hard work, Buster's mom has a special surprise for him, but there's an even bigger surprise waiting for Buster at Bugville General Hospital. The wonderfully crafted story is paired with energetic illustrations of a colorful cast of crittters and playful scenes. This rollicking adventure is sure to be a favorite with the storytime crowd!


Play Their First Big Game - Buster Bee and his friends Barry Beetle, Lass Ladybug, and Cat Caterpillar practice for and then play in the Little Bug League Tournament of Champions. Along the way, Buster learns the importance of family and the importance of being a helpful big little brother. The wonderfully crafted story is paired with energetic illustrations of a colorful cast of crittters and playful scenes.


Have A Surprise Party - Lass and her family have a surprise party and everyone is invited. Well almost everyone, for you see there's a problem with the invitations; and some certain, special bugs may not be coming to the party. The wonderfully-crafted story is paired with energetic illustrations and playful examples that help children discover the world around them and the joy of reading.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the books!

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