The iPad as Companion Device - Day 3

By Mark Sigal
April 7, 2010

ipad.pngOkay, so I bought this thing on Saturday afternoon; didn't get to take it out of the box until Sunday evening late.

Sunday Night, the iPad took the place of my iPod Touch (which was actually my kids' at this point). The iPad was, simply put, a better kind of companion to my overall computing, media, gaming and communications activities.

On Monday, I brought the iPad to my meetings. As, I don't generally take a computer with me to meetings, the net out was that the iPad replaced my Physical Notebook. I am a heavy note-taker, and the premise of being able to have a really good notepad with me, that can readily take notes and doesn't then need to be transcoded back into digital form, is a winner for me.

So how did it do? Okay, but not incredible, but this is more of a software problem than a hardware problem so it is readily fixable, and I fully expect that it will be.

Today, I had a staff call with the full team on a project that I haven't really talked about yet, but suffice it to say that the team is geographically dispersed, and via Skype on iPad, we had a 90 minute voice conference call that was better than anything I've experienced using the same software on my Mac.

Side Note: Sometimes, it is a network thing with Skype, and not a device thing, but I have done enough of these to say that this session was more than standout. It was brilliant.

Back to blogging this right now, I reckon that this iPad is like having a really good chair. If personal comfort's your thing, the price is worth it.

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