Getting started with the SplitViewController on the iPad

By Elisabeth Robson
April 22, 2010 | Comments: 8

In this screencast, I show you how to build a simple iPad app using the new SplitViewController. The SplitViewController is a new UI view controller for the iPad (only) and is the basis of many iPad applications. It manages two side-by-side view controllers - a list of items that appears on the left side (in landscape mode) and a detail view on the right side.

The template also provides all the code to manage the popover view which is how the item list is displayed when the iPad is rotated into portrait mode, so you don't have to write any of that code!

As we build the app, you'll learn the basics of creating a SplitViewController-based app, and how to implement a simple XML reader to read an XML feed, display a list of article titles and load an article into the detail view when its title is tapped in the list.

I'd love to hear your feedback, and I hope you find it helpful.

(I recommend right-clicking and selecting watch on YouTube for the higher res version so you can see the code).

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Elisabeth, Thanks for the wonderfully in-depth iPad webcast! I found it to be very informative, well worth my time and I learned a few new tricks.


This is one of the best tutorials I've followed.. and it works!

Can you do a tutorial on, or point me in the fight direction, for pushing a detailView that doesn't parse the entire blog, just the individual articles?

Thank you.

Im having a problem with the splitview controller, my program loads up with a log in screen, afetr the log in screen goes away i add the split view controller to the window. My problem is when im in landscape mode the detail side only loads about 2/3 of the view horizontally and the rest is just black. The vertical is fine but i cant figure this one out. I know it has to do with the log in screen cause when just load the splitvierw controller without it then the view is properly displayed.

This is an amazingly accurate step by step tutorial. It was very clear and accurate!! I just follow the instructions here and everything worked fine. Thanks.

Great Walk Through....Thank You

Thanks for the great tutorial. Was able get all the way to the end where you added the NSNotificationCenter so Landscape mode would populate the right title list. But my NSNotification does reload the tableview. I'm using xcode4 would that make a difference?

Do you have the source code online? Thanks, for the great video.


1000 Thanks for the IPAD tutorial

Thanks a lot! That was really helpful.

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