Family Tree of Schema Languages for XML (2010)

By Rick Jelliffe
April 19, 2010 | Comments: 11

Since 1999 I have been updating a little diagram Family Tree of Schema Languages for XML. Here is the 2010 version (large image for poster.)

Here are links to different formats which should be better for viewing in a browser: PDF, PNG, JPEG.

I have added entries for Schema Association, MCE, CSDL, OASIS CAM 1.1, XSD 1.1, OASIS Test Assertion ML, the mooted directory dump for validation of XML-in-ZIPs, updated some statuses, and put in a plug for my Namespace Relations idea.

Here are links to some older versions: 1999 (PDF), 2006.

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Great ! But where is the XML or SVG version ?

<img src="" />


Well.. you're just linking to a PNG, aren't you ?

Am I just not seeing it, or is Eric van der Vlist's Examplotron {} missing?

Tony: Well spotted. And CAM should be shown as being influenced by it. (Apologies to Eric this was not deliberate!)

I will add it in the next version

I should also add Altova's language that they use for testing the rules in NIEM. Is it a language or just an interface I wonder...

i am viewing from a Safari v 5.0 on a MacBook 10.5.8
not to be negative, yet ...
when i do a mouse over on the page image and click , the image comes up at 100 percent showing the upper portion of the tree, without a scroll bar.
so much for cross platform .

James: Actually, it is equally bad in any browser. Click on the links underneath for scaled versions. I have altered the text to make this clearer.

Probably the next version of this diagram should show Schematron as belonging to an Operator Grammar class of languages, while XML DTDs etc belong to a Generative Grammar class. (SGML DTDs, with tag ommission may belong to either perhaps, or transformation grammars?)

Also for update: in XPath languages have Incox

Also for update: in XPath languages have Incox

Also, ProcessTron

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