Writing Beyond Tech: Doamanse and the Magic Lands

By William Stanek
March 25, 2010

A follow up to my previous posts about writing outside of technology. This one focuses on my fantasy novels set in Doamanse, the Magic Lands, which you can learn more about at http://www.themagiclands.com/. If you thought the floating mountains in Avatar were cool, Magic Lands may be for you. The world of the characters is filled with floating islands, floating mountains, extensive "deeps" and endless "falling offs."


The first Magic Lands book, "Journey Beyond the Beyond," tells the story of Ray's rite of passage--the vision quest he must go on to become a man in the eyes of his people. Ray's slice of Doamanse is divided between two peoples: those of the In, Ray's people (indigenous/aboriginals), and those of the Out (foreigners/outsiders) who steal the wealth of Ray's home without regard to the damage it causes. Ray's people have found a balance between their needs and that of the environment. They gather only what they need, and always ensure the cycle of growth and renewal continues. The outsiders have no regard for anything; they kill, take and destroy.


In Ray's world each village has its great tree. The tree is the center of life and all things spread out from the life-giving tree. Not only have Ray and his people adapted to their environment, they've also learned to live with the many dangerous creatures that inhabit it. The alligator-like "bulls" and the snake-like "slithers" are revered rather than hunted and killed. Part of Ray's vision quest takes him to the sacred place "lost and deep" where he must choose a companion for his life's journey. Typically, that companion is a "bull" or "slither" but for some a "flyer" as well.


One of the most interesting characters in the book is Old Bull. Old Bull and Ray play a cat and mouse game for most of the book.

The follow ups to "Journey Beyond the Beyond" are: "Into the Stone Land" and "The Wizard's Stronghold" which I've completed and hope to have published in 2011 and 2012 respectively.



Thanks for reading! Hope you'll give "Journey Beyond the Beyond" a read!

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