Photoshop Turns 20: Contemplating the Future with Adobe Project Managers

By Colleen Wheeler
February 18, 2010

This week on our audio podcast, Martini Hour, Photoshop Guru Deke McClelland and I forgo our usual martinis for champagne in honor of Photoshop's 20th Anniversary. We're joined by Adobe Photoshop PMs John Nack and Bryan O'Neil Hughes, and we eschew the usual milestone-inspired retrospective look back in favor of a look forward to what developments in social media, mobile hardware, and the changing nature of software releases might mean to Photoshop and its users in the future. What would it mean if your pixel-wrangling tool of choice were connected to a community of users you could ping for help while you work? And while you may not be running Photoshop on your iPad, what if you were using the tablet as a powerful multi-touch input device for creative expression? What sorts of interface design and functionality arises when you allow power-users to create and share specialized Flash-based panels? Join us for champagne and contemplation of the future of Photoshop. You can check it out here.

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