Architectural Patterns

By Rick Jelliffe
February 14, 2010

Uwe Zdun and Paris Avgeriou have a couple of interesting papers up: 2005's Architectural Patterns Revisited - A Pattern Language and 2007's A catalog of architectural primitives for modeling architectural patterns.

The first is I think more interesting to XML integrators. I have been looking at our capabilities here, and asking the question "How well can we support each of these architectural patterns?"

By way of summary, here are their architectural patterns:

  • Layered View
    • Layers
    • Indirection View
  • Dataflow View
    • Batch Sequential
    • Pipes and Filters
  • Data-centred View
    • Shared Repository
    • Active Repository
    • Blackboard
  • Adaptation View
    • Microkernel
    • Reflection
    • Interceptor
  • Language Extension View
    • Interpreter
    • Virtual Machine
    • Rule-based System
  • User Interaction View
    • MVC
    • Presentation-Abstraction-Control
  • Component Iteration View
    • Explicit Invocation
    • Implicit Invocation
    • Client Server
    • Peer-to-Peer
    • Publish Subscribe
  • Distribution View
    • Broker
    • RPC
    • Message Queuing

I expect the same consideration as my immediate previous blog Software patterns as a symptom of failure? might hold-true too: these architectural patterns may be a way to judge whether one programming system, considered as a platform, is better than another. Or at least to understand the shape of any solutions that are convenient to build on that platform.

The catalog paper may be useful to developer-go-architects who need to produce UML diagrams that tie into common patterns.

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