Joomla 101: Setting up Site Search

By Ron Severdia
January 17, 2010

One of the many reasons to use Joomla is the built-in search functionality. It's a great way to help your users find information on your site. And setting it up only take a few steps:

1) Choose a module position in your template. If you purchased a template, there's probably already one there (maybe called "search"?). If you created your own template you might need to add one. To add a module position to your template, add the following where you want it to show up:

2) Log in to your administrator backend at:

And go to the Extensions menu and choose Module Manager.

3) Click the New button in the upper right corner to create a new module.

Then choose "Search" from the list of available modules.

4) Add a title (usually people just call this new module "Search") and enter the name of your module position in the position field. We used "search" in our template in step 1.

View image

5) There are a few parameters, but we'll leave them as defaults for now. Click Save. That's it!

Switch to the frontend of your site and you should be able see your new search module. You can now open the search module on the backend and tweak the parameters like search box width and search button text.

I welcome your comments or questions in the O'Reilly Using Joomla forum.

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