Inside the E-book Wars: CES 2010 update on the eDGE dual-screen Reader

By William Stanek
January 8, 2010

From the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2010 in Las Vegas, a sneak peak at a reader device from Entourage called the eDGe.

The eDGe, shown in the figure below, has two screens:

  • A 9.7" e-ink display on one side (1200 x 825 pixels)
  • A 10.1" backlit display on the other side (1024 x 600 pixels)


The 3-pound device starts shipping in February and March, and can be folded to display one screen at a time or opened flat to display both screens. The device is powerd by the ARMADA PXA168 processor and the Andriod operating system. It's meant as an integrated device for reading, writing and web surfing.

eDGe supports both USB and BlueTooth keyboards and has built in WiFi with future support for 3G using an EVDO or HSDPA mobile modem. With 3 GB built-in memory and an the ability to use an SD card or a USB flash drive to add to the storage, you'll have access to thousands of books and documents.

Priced at $490 the device is a much better value than the Kindle DX, which also has a 9.7" e-ink display (but lacks a backlit display).

Entourage has distribution deals with McGraw Hill, Oxford University Press and others, so about 200,000 ebooks currently are available with many, many more being added every week.

Thanks for reading, time for me to get back to work! Hope you'll take a look at my new book Windows 7: The Definitive Guide. Also just released is my book Exchange Server 2010 Administrator's Pocket Consultant.

William R. Stanek
williamstanek at aol dot com

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