IE8 64-bit Windows 7 and the Mobile Code Bug (Part 3)

By William Stanek
January 4, 2010 | Comments: 2

William Stanek here, concluding a talk about a scripting/programming bug that was driving me absolutely bonkers. The code bug is this:

When you visit web sites and are using Internet Explorer 8 on 64-bit Windows 7, you are redirected to a web page optimized for mobile browsers - and mobile browser pages aren't exactly what I call user-friendly. Most mobile browser pages provide only summary information, which is nothing like what you actually are searching for.

Here were my original examples:

  • Visit and get redirected to
  • Visit and get redirected to
  • Visit and get redirected to

I told readers: Good luck finding anything on these mobile sites... except for frustration. And added:

To be clear, the problem isn't with Internet Explorer 8 or Windows 7. The problem is with the programming/scripting code on the many sites having this problem. The JavaScript/Java Server Pages/Whatever code is interpreting the browser information incorrectly and as a result, the user is redirected to a mobile browser page instead of the normal page.

The original post is here. How many webmasters responded so far and took corrective action?

  • Out of 25 sites I bookmarked: 22.
  • Out of the 3 listed above: 3 (all are working).

My question is this: How can a bug like this have been overlooked by so many sites for so long? The problem existed throughout beta testing of Windows 7 and I was sure savvy webmasters would catch on. When Windows 7 released, I was sure of the same. Yet 3 months later--nothing. Nothing until now.

Hopefully a lesson learned: Test, test, test and then test some more when new browsers and operating systems are released. Key point: 64-bit platform testing is every bit as important as 32-bit platform testing.

Thanks for reading, time for me to get back to work! Hope you'll take a look at my new book Windows 7: The Definitive Guide. Also just released is my book Exchange Server 2010 Administrator's Pocket Consultant.

William R. Stanek
williamstanek at aol dot com


Webmasters, I'd be pleased to hear from you. Email at the above.

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FYI - as of 4/8/2010 those sites are still redirecting for me on IE8.

I am facing the same problem too with and IE8 on Win 7 64 bit. It just redirects to the mobile version. I flushed cache, deleted history. Would appreciate help if anyone knows how to resolve the issue.

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