Help preserve Net Neutrality on the Internet

By Kevin Shockey
January 12, 2010

Sorry for the hastily written blog post to follow, but time is running out. According to a watchdog site I subscribe to, Thursday is the deadline for the FCC to receive public comments on rules they are considering to uphold net neutrality. If you're already in favor of net neutrality, then I urge you to fill of this web form from Credo Action to let the FCC know why net neutrality is important to you.

As we have seen in the debate surrounding health care, many members of Congress have already spoken out publicly against net neutrality. In addition, they have filed comments to the FCC voicing their reasons for why net neutrality should be eliminated. Now, I must confess, I don't the names of these Congress members, nor do I know for sure that they have connections to major telecommunication companies, but I would not be surprised to discover strong corporate influences associated with the aforementioned members of Congress.

Let's face it, only those of us who have worked together to make the Internet a beacon for freedom of speech, dissent, and innovation that would truly know the importance of net neutrality. If polled, I bet only a few members of Congress could actually even describe just what the Internet is, just ask "It's a bunch of tubes" ex-Senator Ted Stevens.

So I urge you to take advantage of the web form available at CREDO Action. Their activism Web site helps me stay current with issues of the day and take action to influence decision-makers, like in this case, making a public comment directly to the FCC. The web form is simple and direct. It does require signing up to receive future alerts from Credo, so be fore warned. If that is not something you care to do, then please find some other way to contact the FCC and make your voice heard.

This issue is just too important to let this deadline pass without making your voice heard. Again, I urge to to take immediate action to show your support for sustaining net neutrality.

P.S. I'll try to see if I can establish the connections I fear exist after the deadline has passed, but you shouldn't wait. Make your voice heard, then we can work together to dig deeper into the reasons why anyone with little or no knowledge about the Internet would come out against net neutrality.

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